I am an active member of the Boise State Broncos!!!! GO BRONCOS!!! I keep busy in and out of the gym; cheer is my passion and fuels my day-to-day activities. I am super excited to be working with Riot Cheer as it is the gym that taught me the skills that made me the athlete I am today. During the summer months, I spend my time teaching camps for NCA (the National Cheer Association) and this is my third year as a staff member.

I have been with Riot Cheer since day one and am extremely passionate about this program. My cheer background consists of 8 years combined experience cheering and coaching. I have 3 years of high school cheer, 5 years cheering for the Idaho Stampede and 6 years of all-star cheer. As a cheerleader I have won multiple national titles and as a coach I have helped many athletes achieve their dream of competing at SUMMIT. Being the coach of our 2017 Junior 2 Team and helping them go to Summit was such an amazing experience!

I am USASF certified up to level 5 in stunts, tosses and tumbling, but have experience working with all 6 levels that competitive cheerleading offers.

My goal as a coach is not just to create national winning teams but also to make sure each individual athlete is always progressing. My coaching style is more hands-on with an emphasis on body positions and lines. I love creating visually appealing routines to wow the judges. I am so excited to work with our talented athletes this year to help them achieve their goals.

RIOT cheer is full of talented, motivated, and determined athletes. I knew that after my first practice with RIOT. I have a deep passion for this sport and I cannot wait to share that passion with this program and help these young athletes reach their full potential, individually and as a team. Along with the talented athletes, there is an outstanding coaching staff at RIOT, and I am truly honored to be apart of this amazing program and join a winning tradition! 
A little about me: I have been coaching and judging for 10 years (9 in Alabama and 1 in Idaho). I cheered at all levels including college for the University of South Alabama and followed by becoming the assistant coach for a year. Afterwards, I branched out by coaching my own team at East Mississippi Community College, while judging all-star cheerleading for Deep South Spirit. I am AACCA certified and a USASF member (working on my credentialing). I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Workplace Training and Leadership from Idaho State University.

Talissa Phillips

Nick Vogl


Well, this all feels like a dream come true! From the first day, I became a cheerleader I knew that it was going to be a huge part of my life, but I really had no idea that it was going to turn into something this incredible. I have been tumbling for 10 years and a cheerleader for 8 years. I have had the honor to coach alongside some really amazing coaches. I have learned a lot in my journey, but I am not even close to completing my coaching profile.

I will be helping all the teams this year at Riot Cheer, leaving no athlete behind. In all, I have had 10 years of experience coaching tumbling, and 8 years of experience with all-star cheerleading, as both a coach and an athlete. I am so thrilled to help every one of our athletes reach their full potential this year! #RIOTSTRONG


I am so excited to be a part of the Riot Cheer family. I feel like this place is truly a home! I am excited to be finished with college and back training with all the Riot Teams. I spent 2 years at Weber State, the current NCA College National Champions in the Large Co-Ed Division. I had a small start but it grew quickly, as I have been able to work with some of the most innovative coaches in the world. I am ready to share the knowledge I have gained with our young, passionate athletes.

Amy Thomas